Monday, August 31, 2009

Jesus Toast progress + Disney buys out Marvel

Hammering away at this still.

Current progress:

Juggling 3 cartoons at once is hard :[

(this is an older version/animatic, but I'm about halfway done with the character animation and hopefully I'll move onto the effects/debris work by Thursday)

Toast progress from Jerry Chan on Vimeo.

So many jokes... so little time...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bill Tytla?!

So I'm being productive and watching cartoons on Youtube when I stumble across this:

(keep in mind I'm working at the same time here, listening to the audio)

I was clicking on random cartoons in the related list and I didn't know what I picked, but by the sound of it and by the aesthetics it looked like I was watching some sort of 1930s color copy of a Disney cartoon. So I go back to check out the date on the cartoon when I notice the supervising animator is Bill Tytla.

Yeah, Bill Tytla. The same guy who did this

The Noveltoon was made in 1950. Fantasia was made in 1940.

So what happened to Mr. Tytla? I thought he would have reacted against the Disney style like the other ex Disney artists who formed UPA did!

More importantly, why do Famous cartoons of the 1950s look comparable to 1930s Disney/WB cartoons?

And look at this!

This looks like it's just a copy of Hanna-Barbra TV cartoons