Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good gravy!

I'm having the worst time just coming up with poses for Jane. As if being able to talk to cute girls was hard enough, try drawing them.

Jane: Jerry, you suck at drawing.

I also just realized that I had inadvertently/subconsciously designed Jane around every single crush I've had in my life. Well, maybe not every single one, but at least the last 4. I was wondering why she looked so familiar.

In other news, Disney's going to be streaming some of their movies for free this summer, similar to NBC's Hulu service. Check it out, they've got Finding Nemo right now:

I really wish they'd put up all the Silly Symphonies and the other shorts that made Disney great (because I already have Finding Nemo on DVD)

Also, GAD I wish I had an animation guru I could apprentice to. I'm at that point where I know what my weak spots are but I have no idea of how to improve them without proper guidance. I'm just hoping that I don't form any bad habits that are hard to break from when/if I get a job at a professional studio.

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