Friday, February 6, 2009


I just saw Coraline. Visually, it's breathtaking; I found myself picking my jaw up from the ground many, many times. I also forgot for many segments that this was done by hand with stop motion; there's something about the way everything moves that it just has so much more CHARM than a lot of the 3D stuff I've seen.

As far as the content goes, it's DARK. REAL DARK. There were a lot of young kids in there and when it got to the exciting dark parts (which I wish there were more of, those parts were definitely the movie's strongest points) the entire theater went dark. I heard kids whimper "Daddy I don't like this movie anymore" and I could feel everyone sitting on the edge of their seats. I definitely wouldn't take anyone younger than 13 to see it; not many of the kids in the theater I saw it at could quite handle the morbid nature, especially towards the end of the film.

BUT- Coraline, as a character, is amazing. Finally, a female protagonist that has some spirit and puts up a fight! (what can I say, I like em strong)

If anything, go see Coraline. See it because it's so unique, see it for the stunning visuals, see it to turn some heads in the Hollywood offices so that someone will sit up and say "Wow, if these things can make money, we should make more!" Laika is going down as one of those few studios with enough balls to release something different and that doesn't cater to the cookie cutter mold that all cartoons have to fit in, and I think that fact alone was worth the $6.25 I spent on the ticket

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