Friday, March 26, 2010

Animation progress, pt. 20: The Electric Boogaloo

I have less than 5 weeks to finish up my thesis cartoon and I'm at around 35 of 50 shots animated in 3D.

To put that in perspective:

Shots 1-6 are hand drawn; no 3D required
Shots 7-43 involve lots of 3D elements
Shots 44-50 are hand drawn

The most 3D intensive shots are shots 22 to 43; 3/4 of these are animated
The most intensive hand drawn shots are shots 13 to 24, which I have not started yet

The cartoon's length is about 3:30, excluding credits. I have about 2 minutes of that animated so far in 3D (2D has about a minute's worth of animation that is getting compiled on top

I should be able to finish this cartoon on time, though whether or not it's up to the quality that I want it to be is a completely different question

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