Monday, May 31, 2010

gallery pics

Man. All-weekers are NOT fun

(me on thursday morning, trying to catch a nap on the lab tables. They're not comfortable at all)

4:00 AM, Friday: My arm + carpal tunnel is killing me, I'm falling alseep standing up, and I need to get this gallery space set up before I can finally pass out

7:00ish AM: It is finished!

I saw the sun set and rise at least 6 times that past week. Probably the most intense I've ever worked on a project and the furthest I've pushed myself so far in my life.

A little info on the gallery space: I HATE the way most art galleries are set up. Setting up things next to each other neatly on a white wall with black matting really removes that human element from the art and makes it cold and clinical, so my lovely girlfriend Sarah helped me tear off the face of a big piece of cardboard and I used the corrugations as a backdrop for my original concept art

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