Thursday, February 10, 2011

My beef with Flash cs5

I have to say, some of the UI design decisions made for Flash cs5 are pretty frickin' dumb. For example:

In order to work fast, I need fast access to adjusting the tools. Again, I usually work with lines from .5 to 10, so I really do appreciate the ability to go extra fine. And while it's cool that I can make a line 200 px (or whatever their measurement) is thick, I really don't need the slider to go all the way up like that. In fact, if I want to make a line 2 px (or whatever.) thick, it either takes me forever to pinpoint the spot on the slider or I need to type it in, which takes a lot longer than adjusting the slider (especially if I need to constantly transition from holding a stylus to typing).

Oh and by the way, the default way to select colors is by the red value. Yes, you can switch it and it's dandy that you can do that, but it makes no frickin' sense as to why it's on by default (really, can you make any sense of this color picker?)

I can rant and rave about how much this UI is terrible, and yes, some of it can be attributed to me not being used to the layout, but a lot of it is just bad design decisions, as if they're trying to make Flash look like something it's not, which in turn makes my work flow slower

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