Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chris Sanders?

It's 3:21 AM. I've been staring at cutouts in flash since 8:00 and I need a break.

So I shall squander it on asking this question: Where is Chris Sanders and what is he doing? Last I heard of him, he was working on an amazing project called American Dog (currently Bolt) when he was effectively axed by John Lassiter. While I agree with Lassiter's judgement that a 1 eyed cat and a radioactive bunny isn't exactly... Disney... I hate to see such a great concept and such great characters dumbed down to its current standing.

So I know where Bolt is heading, but I haven't heard about Mr. Sanders at all. I really hope he does find another studio to push his unique and ediger style.

fun fact: Flash does NOT like large image files (or 30 of them). I was crashing every 5 or so minutes because of this until I decided to just use placeholder graphics for the high res images and boy, has my life been easier.


Wow, I'm an idiot. A quick google search turns up his site:

Apparently he's working for Dreamworks now. I can only hope he's got more artistic freedom over there. Am I dumb for hoping that he's going to help steer Dreamworks in a non-Disney direction?

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Nicol3 said...

YES INDEED Flash is a biotch like that. And Bolt could use a touch of imaginative spirit.. Though the movie looks adorable; I think CG studios try too hard to make everything look modern and real. I really have yet to see a 3 dimensional feast of color and style hit theaters..

Main reason I want to one day try to get into 3D animation. I really could never get into it by myself (unlike flash, which was and IS so fun to explore). Makes me feel like I need a class.