Monday, September 15, 2008

Captain's log 91508

this will hopefully be going in the lower right hand corner of the UMass animation reel I'm helping to build. Any feedback would be nice (the missing part is the title/artist/year the piece was done in, but you can figure out where that stuff is going)

Week 3 of school is starting and I'm already getting stretched thin. I reached a new record for how long it takes for me to draw a pose today- 45 minutes tweaking a single frame of Jane. It's not even a difficult pose, I think I just suck at drawing. Gentlemen, let this be an example to you of why you should make a character model sheet before attempting to animate. What should have been done last week is taking me forever and I'm not even a third done with it. I'm struggling to much Flash that I'm wondering if it'd be faster to draw and scan in all the poses (honestly, I can't draw on a tablet for crap)

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