Thursday, January 8, 2009

quite a punch!
the IMDB for The Incident at Tower 37 AKA UPRISING is now up!

...I'm not listed under there. I'm not sure if anim/paint fixer (I guess they used a matte painting I did too) qualifies to be listed up there with everyone else, but hey! The film's complete, and as far as I know, it's been sent off to film festivals (Good luck, Chris!)

I'm a sucker for those nature documentaries. I'd much rather watch Planet Earth than, say, something like The Happening or Mama Mia

Note how this thing punches, HOLDS the thing, and punches it. You ever see a kangaroo pick up another kangaroo by the neck with one paw and wail on its face with the other? I don't think so!

I mean, honestly! A lobster tail that can punch things REALLY hard! And those look like tiny axes! Who would ever think up of that? There's something about reality that makes it so completely bizarre and so much more fantastical than anything I could ever think up.

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