Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Storyboarding- 1st pass done!

About 46 hours ago I finished the first pass on my thesis film, D

About 45 hours ago, I realized I still had to practice/memorize a 10 page script (dialogue, mostly)

In 8.5 hours I need to perform this script (with my group) in front of my class.

I need a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts :docbrown:

Oh also I managed to enlist this guy (Michael Goulian) to act as a consultant on my thesis project:

and by "consultant" I mean I sent him an email asking if he'd look at some footage I've yet to produce and give some feedback-- but, now I've got an (awesome) professional stunt pilot to pester! [cackle here]

Also I need a soundtrack for this thesis film. More details to follow once I get the animatic finished.

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