Tuesday, November 10, 2009

D animatic

D animatic from Jerry Chan on Vimeo.

The first animatic pass on my BFA thesis is done! Or it has been done for the past week and I've been too busy to post it up here.

Changed to follow:
-Get an ACTUAL composer (I'm meeting with someone this Thursday, actually)
-Redo the whole thing (seriously-- a lot of things don't work in here)

As a first pass, I guess it's not bad, but it's definitely not up to where I hoped it would be. The biggest problem is that, for an action cartoon, it's not exciting. As Jed, my 3D animation teacher last year put it, an action cartoon needs its share of "OH SHIII--" moments and this is clearly lacking in all of those.

BUT, work continues!

Also I had a great time at the Pittsfield animation event (I got the autograph of the guy who did the EENVEEHSABLE PREAHDATUR MAUNSTER effect; it still astounds me how those guys did all those visual effects without the aid of computers)

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MatthewT said...

Looks great,I think you're being to hard on yourself though. Keep on keeping on.