Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pixar trolling me from beyond their studio

Go ahead and remind me every day that you're there but I'll never actually be able to use you for anything. Way to go Pixar. Way to remind me that I'll never be special enough to use that format ;____;

....seriously though, I think I saw this back in Photoshop 6 as well and I don't think I've figured out why I would ever use it. Is there something special about the .pxr format?

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Avid Lebon said...

As far as I know, .pxr is an ancient image file format, used by the Pixar Image Computer.

It's a limited format, I don't think it supports even Alpha. The Pixar Image computer never really went anywhere but the .pxr file format is in alot of software for backwards compatibiity sake.